Sandbox Rework and Halloween Update

Sandbox Rework Our sandbox-unlocking assignments used to be a one-time on/off switch – once you “unlock” it for your students, there’s no way to make changes to the assignment. To improve the flexibility, we have spent some time making sandbox assignments behave the same way as other quests. Now you can make changes or delete

Updated Patterns Across Ecosystems Storyline: The Desert Menu

This new content will be available by Monday, October 17th. We wanted to let you know now so you can begin planning!   Cougartown It’s time to shake things up…with a brand-new biodome! (Or one that’s retconned to be brand-new, anyway…!) Councilwoman Nasim wants you and Supervisor Cherie to put your heads together and come

Updated Body Systems Storyline: Lending a Hand

The Hand with the Plan Elektra accidentally toasted her prosthetic hand on a Bunsen burner while working in the laboratory. Instead of replacing her prosthetic with the same model, she wants to build a new one from scratch! This new hand will be able to tell if it’s getting too hot, and will pull away

Improved Performance & Spanish Glossary

Faster Downloading and Loading on Wonder Platform We have been working for almost a year with our partners at Wonder Interactive to streamline our asset downloading and loading process, and finally we are ready to release! Loading is much faster, an average of 45% faster when loading from cache (i.e. on subsequent visits, not the

New Course: Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

As educators, we want what is best for our students. Our new self-paced course, Culturally Responsive Science Teaching, is now live. We are excited to help educators learn how to incorporate these practices through the lens of STEM and Tyto Online.  This course was developed by Dr. Holly Pope with Zaretta Hammond’s Culturally Responsive Teaching

Scalability + Performance Updates

Automatic Scaling With our increasing number of users, we have decided to utilize GameLift (a service provided by Amazon Web Services) to easily launch, update, and scale game servers so that we can scale to massive numbers of user supports. Improved Frame Rate with Occlusion We are trying a lot of things to improve frame

New Student Dashboard + Other Improvements!

This update is starting at 7 PM ET, so expect to see the changes Saturday, July 2nd, and onward! Student Dashboard + Loading Improvements The student dashboard has been totally revamped with access to resources, and most importantly: should save 1-2 minutes of load time to get students into learning activities faster! 🙌 To get

Black History Month & Contest!

This February, we wanted to do something big to celebrate Black History Month. We decided to create a new Black History exhibit at the Mai Art Museum (in the Marketplace section of the Student District)! The art museum has been fully re-decorated with 50 art installations, each honoring a history-making Black figure from around the

2021 Year in Review!

Our 2021 “Year in Review” is up! A few key highlights: We reached 4.3x more students than the year prior Launched our HTML5 browser version Added new critical team members Received grants and fundraising so we’re ready to grow even more in 2022!

Winter 2021 Update

Updated Cells Introduction Storyline We have updated our old ‘Outbreak’ storyline (now called ‘The Outbreak’) to be more interactive and to provide more in-depth learning. The old storyline will be left up for another week in case you have already started it but haven’t finished. Celebrating Diversity We have added hijabs to the game as