Partnership launched:
April 17, 2023


EvolveMe is a fun online platform designed for teens to develop skills related to career exploration and life after high school. They can earn points and get prizes by doing educational activities.
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The EvolveMe platform enables teens to discover high-quality, credible career experimentation activities including virtual work-based learning opportunities, mock job interviews, and mentorships, complete tasks, and develop transferable skills they can apply to any job. Then, they can earn, collect, and redeem points for rewards. Teens are rewarded for completing tasks under the categories of Life Skills, Experimenting with Jobs, Building Your Network, and Career Quizzes. These tasks involve activities, such as watching videos and taking quizzes, playing games, and completing mini-lessons or quests. For tasks completed, teens can earn points to redeem gift cards to their favorite retail, restaurant, and entertainment brands. They can also track their progress and accomplishments through fun and dynamic visuals with the platform. For instance, they can see their personal tree grow as it sprouts unique flowers and creatures each time they complete an activity.

Partner Platform Activity Listing

The EvolveMe platform presents a number of activities for students to complete to learn about careers, including some Tyto Online quests. They have started with 5 quests, which are almost 10% of their available activities so far.

When they click through on an individual activity, the EvolveMe platform sets up a preview of what you will accomplish within the Tyto Online quest:

Branded Partner Sign Up

In this case, the Partner chose to have users register for the third-party site activities, so we set up a branded partnership landing page with their branding. We also made this a simplified registration page. Users that register through this are automatically tagged as EvolveMe users, so that they get the correct access rights, and for engagement tracking.

Tyto Online Gameplay

We provided 5 initial career exploration quests to EvolveMe, mainly focused on types of experiences one would have within a career. Some of these were existing, and some were custom created or modified for this use case. These quests include:

  • Animal Lover? Play This Fun Science Game. Meet two fascinating alien species: Panganogs and Geppettos. In this quest, you'll figure out if they have a symbiotic relationship.
  • Play This Game & See How Fun Research Is. Complete your quest to find out if pineapple plants are destroying a local ecosystem.
  • Explore A New Biodome & Play This Game. Complete your quest to explore a new biodome and figure out what's wrong with the creosote bushes.
  • Discover Priceless Art & Play This Game. Complete your quest to help Violet find the original Espethian painting in a web of fakes.
  • Play this Game & Help People. Omar and his brothers are colorblind, but his sister and mother are't. Dig into his family's genes to figure out why

Partner Platform Integration

After tasks are completed, we pass the data back to the EvolveMe platform, where they mark completion and offer the studnets real-life rewards and enter them into a prize drawing.