August 11, 2022
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New Course: Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

Lindsey Tropf
As educators, we want what is best for our students.

Our new self-paced course, Culturally Responsive Science Teaching, is now live. We are excited to help educators learn how to incorporate these practices through the lens of STEM and Tyto Online. 

This course was developed by Dr. Holly Pope with Zaretta Hammond's Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain (2015) in mind. We draw connections between Culturally Responsive Science Teaching and how this can be managed in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) classrooms.  

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Why is Culturally Responsive Teaching Important in STEM?

It is important that we as educators create a learning environment that allows underrepresented students to find STEM approachable and engaging. When content is relevant to students' lives they are more likely to feel confident and take risks with their learning. In order to increase and retain diversity in the STEM field, students need to see themselves represented in these subject areas from a young age.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who works with students and wants to learn how to make their learning environment relevant to their students' lives. While Educators, Administrators, Instructional Coaches, and Curriculum Directors all will benefit from the information presented in this course, it is not limited to this audience.

You will work through 5 independently paced modules:

  • Introduction (~15 minutes)
  • Do The Inner Work (~ 45 minutes)
  • Build Up the Learner (~ 30 minutes)
  • Establishing Community (~ 15 minutes)
  • Conclusion (~ 5 minutes)

Under most lessons there is an optional Dig Deeper section where we have provided additional resources that you can explore.

We can't wait to see you in the course! While you're here, make sure to check out our other areas of Tyto's Professional Learning Community.

Culturally Responsive Teaching is not Critical Race Theory

Culturally Responsive Teaching is a research-based approach to teaching that strengthens the connection between school and student’s lives, culture, and experiences. Culturally Responsive Teaching ensures that all students have equal access to academic success and high-quality curriculum. When students see themselves represented in their learning they feel valued and empowered. Moving away from a deficit mindset and focusing on what students can do allows teachers to raise expectations in their classrooms. It incorporates using academic knowledge, tools, and strategies to understand and solve real life issues and problems. This course does not teach Critical Race Theory.

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