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One-of-a-Kind Deep Game-Based Learning

Other Products: Shallow Learning

There are a lot of products out there that claim to create game-based learning. Let's face it: most of them are shallow, having students do simple e-learning activities like completing blanks and multiple choice questions.

Research shows these types of games do not engage students as much once the novelty wears off, and they don't work well for learning.

Tyto: Engaging, Strong Pedagogy

Tyto has students actively constructing their own knowledge: making in-world observations, creating models, making arguments from evidence, etc.

We have proof that it works (Learn More). Our initial science content showed:

12% increase in science & engineering skills
50% students have an increase in STEM engagement

Authoring Tool for Quick & Effective Creation

Not feasible to create from scratch

Given that existing tools for creating your own games tend to be simple e-learning mechanics (as discussed above), your option for deeper game-based learning is to start from scratch.

This is expensive and time-consuming, and also includes large risks to determine a model and approach that is effective for student learning and engagement.

Tyto: Author Problem-Based Learning

We aren't offering to develop games from scratch.

We'll use our authoring tool and platform to use our proven model of strong, problem-based learning to empower your team to quickly and affordably add game-based learning experiences to your offerings.

Our platform can be used across just about anything you can teach problem- or inquiry-based.

Work with a Partner, not a Contractor

Fragmented, Limited Support

The development cycle for most interactives or games is pulling together contractors for fragmented, inconsistent experiences. They get deprecated over time and it's difficult to get the teams to come back to maintain the experiences.

Tyto: Long-Term Partner

Our dedicated team constantly updates our platform, so you will have a real partner making sure your users have an amazing experience. We'll keep up to date with technology, with the ability to help bring your content easily to new platforms.

Tyto is NOT Gamified Learning

Gamification: adding game elements on traditional non-game contexts, while the game part does not contribute to learning objectives
Tyto is NOT pop-up multiple choice questions over unrelated gameplay.
Tyto is NOT watching videos and answering questions overlayed on a game.
Tyto is NOT e-learning activities through a portal that is inside of a game.

Tyto is Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning: utilizing gaming to meet learning objectives, while playing the game itself is the learning process
Observe phenomena and collect the data in the game world from the first-person perspective, instead of watching a video.
Analyze the data you collected and draw conclusions, instead of being handed data.
Make a claim by reasoning with the evidences you collected, instead of memorizing conclusions and not understanding why.

See Examples across Different Subjects

Our model can be used across any topic that can be taught with problem or inquiry-based learning.
Why are the ants acting weird then dying as something explodes from their heads?!

Control a robot ant to investigate "zombie ants," collecting evidence to determine what is killing them, how serious it is, and if we should intervene to save them!

What caused the black plague?

Investigate, within the historical context, the factors that could cause plague spread to develop students' inquiry skills.

How can we design a community park to fit the community's needs?

Students can use transformations within a coordinate grid to help design a park, while presenting plans to the City Council to win them over for a design that meets the community's needs.

Together we can bring learning to the 21st century.

Interested in partnering to create content for your curriculum or program?

Investment starts at $50,000.

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We're working on obtaining funding to make our authoring tool available to third-parties to create content themselves, making the process more affordable for any size of organization.

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