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A supplemental NGSS video game curriculum for middle school.

Life Science currently available.

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Built for Next Generation Science Standards

Use Tyto Online to engage your students with three-dimensional NGSS content. Explore phenomenon-driven quests that ask questions like why Himalayan rabbits' fur has different colors even though they all share the same genes. Create and further expand their learning in sandboxes like our ecosystem builder.

Starting in Fall 2018, we’ll even have specially designed Sequences for storylines.


Engage your students with gaming

We built Tyto Online to be similar to online role playing games like World of Warcraft. Students have their own customized character that represents them and earn rewards in the game as they progress. We don’t just using gaming as an engagement trick, though — we use it to enable deep learning with gameplay that is itself the learning. 

Track student progress & differentiate instruction

With your Teacher Dashboard, explore Tyto Online’s Modules and Sequences, assign content to your students, and track their progress. You can assign extra practice or enrichment quests to students, differentiating instruction based on their needs.

Platform Support

  • We support Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks (as an Android app). So we're ready to go with most technology!

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Comprehensive Roadmap

For the 2018-2019 school year, we’ll have full middle school Life Science (Natural Selection/Adaptation to launch over winter break). Our plans are to continue expanding until we’ve developed a comprehensive set of NGSS content.

This approach allows teachers to easily use one game students are familiar with across their entire middle school grades.

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