Where students actually do science.

Empowering students to be authentic science problem solvers. Students solve a food shortage using genetics, or figure out that animals are sick from microplastics by examining the ecosystem and collecting data.

Built for the NGSS. Made for middle school.

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Where students actually <u>do</u> science.

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“They have improved so much on reasoning and identifying patterns using Tyto. The students use evidence to explain their answers more than I have ever seen before in my classroom.”
Keith Willert
High School Science Teacher

How our Storylines work

Tyto Online is built for the NGSS, with built-in best practices like students making sense of anchoring phenomena, learning through storylines, and engaging in three-dimensional learning.

Intrigue with phenomena

Intrigue with phenomena

Students engage with inquiry by starting with scientific phenomena that they need to figure out, or problems they need to solve.

Collect evidence

Collect evidence

Students collect evidence and conduct experiments to figure out phenomena or solve a problem.

Build an argument or propose a solution

Build an argument or propose a solution

Students are empowered to build an argument from evidence, explaining science phenomena or arguing for the most effective solution to a problem.

Exploration-based supplemental curricula
for middle school science.

Students play as Earth refugees on a new planet in the future. They must learn from our past in order to help the scientists at Tyto Academy and retain the delicate balance of their new planet.

NGSS Standards

Here’s a quick overview of how the Modules available in Tyto Online tie in with the Next Generation Science Standards.

We use key strategies to support underrepresented students.

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We use key strategies to support underrepresented students.

Our Content Modules

Cells to Organisms

Help Marysol in the Community Clinic, exploring the structure and function of cells and organisms.

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Growth & Genetics

Explore genetic mysteries and solve food shortages. Even breed dragons to help increase their biodiversity.

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Help preserve endangered species, exploring ecosystems and learning to balance one from scratch.

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Weather & Climate

Predict weather events, solve coral bleaching, and master climate to bring your own planet to life.

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Directly engage students with science phenomena.

Don't settle for just showing videos to students; let them observe, experiment with, and run experiments to collect evidence and observe the phenomena.

Use teacher dashboard to plan & assign content.

Our teacher dashboard examines standards, provides supplemental materials, and lets teachers plan and assign content to align with class lessons.

Personalize based on assessment data.

We collect assessment data based on natural student gameplay: making flowcharts, building arguments, etc. We even highlight specific areas students are struggling to power teacher differentiation.

Ongoing professional development & support.

We have ongoing professional development available. We have an in-person session available, and we set up an ongoing online course and community to provide a stellar level of support.

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