January 26, 2023
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Student Advisory Board

Lindsey Bowers
Implementation Manager

Attention Teachers! Are you ready for an exciting opportunity for your students?

Tyto Online is on the hunt for a dynamic group of grade 6-8 students to join our Student Advisory Board!

As we continue to develop our content and expand, it's crucial for us to hear directly from students about what they want and need. That's where you come in!

Qualifications for Student Advisory Board Members

We're searching for a panel of 5-6 students who are familiar with and have experience playing Tyto Online. We're eager to build a team of students with different backgrounds and learning styles. The ideal candidates will be passionate about science, self-motivated, dependable, and willing to actively participate in monthly virtual meetings.

Responsibilities of Student Advisory Board Members

During these meetings, and in between, students will be playtesting content, providing feedback, generating ideas for new storylines and quests, and even designing and completing projects like creating tutorials or videos for our social media platforms. This Student Advisory Board is a living and breathing entity that will evolve with student input.

Benefits of Joining the Student Advisory Board

As a member of the Advisory Board, students will need permission from a parent/guardian, a completed photo/video/voice release form, and must live in the United States. But the rewards are worth it! This is a fantastic opportunity for students to boost their confidence and develop their leadership skills. They'll learn how to provide feedback to video game developers, gain insight into the video game industry, and design and work on projects they're passionate about. And, of course, we'll send them some cool swag! Plus, participating in the Student Advisory Board will be a valuable addition to their resume and they'll even receive a certificate signed by our Founder.

Students- Apply Directly

Submit your application here

Teachers - Encourage Your Students to Apply

If you have a student who fits the bill, please complete this form. You'll receive a follow-up email with the student application. Encourage your student to complete and submit the application in their own voice. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

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