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Small Team, Big Impact

We are a small, multidisciplinary team that is excited to help build a generation of scientifically passionate and literate students.

We have backgrounds from former educators to developers and human-computer interaction research. We are an open, progressive bunch with a mission that drives us to get outside of our comfort zone, learn new things, and impact a generation of young people.

Our work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, MIT Solve, Overdeck Family Foundation, AT&T, and others.

Our Culture
❎  No Pretense

We encourage team members to be direct, to accept each other’s honest opinions and have an open discussion.

📖  Life-long Learning

We place a high value on life-long learning and growth, personally & professionally. Learning is a habit we should engage in forever.

🤩  Embrace Optimism

We're aiming to change the world, so we need a healthy dose of optimism to help see that vision & that we can actually do it!

👀  Challenge Anything

Nothing, and no particular person’s ideas, are beyond reproach or changing. We can only be original if we don’t accept the ‘way it’s always been done.’

🤝  Inclusivity

Inclusivity isn't about "tolerance," it's full acceptance, inclusivity in the community. We're thrilled to live in a world full of diverse people with unique perspectives.

⏰  Flexible Scheduling

Make your own schedule and work when it's best for you.

💸  Equity Stock Options

All our team members have ownership in the company, so we can benefit together from success.

🏥  Health Spending Account

Money every month put into a health spending account (HSA) for you to use for health-related expanses.

🏝  Generous Time Off

6 weeks PTO (holiday, vacation, sick time) each year, and 12 weeks paid family leave.

Open Positions

Most of our team works together in Buffalo, NY.

No open positions a fit for you? Fill out our interest form to be notified when more roles open up.

No open positions at this time.

<< I first had the idea for Tyto Online while playing World of Warcraft. I was playing and realized how much I learned just through experience, and became fascinated with educational games. As I went through my PhD program in Education, I kept linking ideal learning models back to gaming mechanics and approaches. I accidentally created a mental model for what amazing learning would look like within a game, and assumed it existed.

However, when I started digging in for my dissertation, I discovered it didn’t — that the educational games market had some major limitations for learning impact. They tended to be shallow learning, and the experiences were fragmented without the opportunity for long-term learning.

So the idea that we could create a single video game that would serve as a platform began to emerge for me: with deep learning that focused on skill building, and with many areas of content so that learners and educators could easily use game-based learning regularly as part of their learning process.

That we could help reach this ideal goal of what learning could be in games that people have dreamt about for a long time, but had yet to be reached. >>

Lindsey Tropf
Founder & CEO, Immersed Games

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