A Proven Framework

We've built a Content Authoring Tool and game client around our proven learning framework, which mean we can build your content quickly and more cost-effectively than alternatives.

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How We Transform Your Content into a Game

Flexible, Effective Framework

Tyto has a variety of mechanics that can be used within experiences, to build out problem-based learning. When we need to build new content, we simply have to decide which mechanics to use and customize the elements within the mechanics to bring the scenario to life.

Without such framework, everything would have to be custom made and maintained... and there's no guarantee the learning approach would even work, which is one of the reason why many educational games fail to thrive.

Our Content Authoring Tool

In order to make the customizing of mechanics quick and easy, we created a Content Authoring Tool that's no-code and simple to use.

A quest (10-20 min game experience) consists of several tasks (which corresponds to different mechanics in the game). For each task, our content designer will use the tool to customize the details of each game element.

The content authoring tool is currently for in-house usage right now, as we work with partners to get their content into the platform with the best models possible. We do plan to open it up to the public in the future, so partners can create their own content. Get on the waiting list now.

Time- and Cost- Efficient

Having a proven, flexible framework that we've already validated, and the content authoring tool is the reason we can build your content 3x faster and 1/5 as expensive as a contractor.

Since we use a framework and authoring tool, not every capability you can imagine will be already created. We'll work with you to determine if we can use our existing mechanics, or need to propose creating some additional features to support your use case. This is part of the benefit you get working with pedagogical experts as your partners, so we can make the strongest recommendations for your program and learning objectives possible.

Overview of our Authoring Tool

Together we can bring learning to the 21st century.

Interested in partnering to create content for your curriculum or program?

Investment starts at $50,000.

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We're working on obtaining funding to make our authoring tool available to third-parties to create content themselves, making the process more affordable for any size of organization.

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