Smooth Onboarding

No-Install: Web Browser

No install needed, as we run natively in the web browser on Chromebooks, Windows, or Mac devices.

Integrations for Easy Sign-In & Rostering

Import from Google Classroom, "Sign in with" Google or Microsoft. More integrations coming soon.

Personal, Live Support

Use the live chat for quick help, or teachers can schedule time with their dedicated Implementation Manager.

Effortless Prepping

I plugged in the dates and downloaded the worksheets the students would use for recordkeeping and called it a day. Spent way more time planning out lessons that came from the textbook.
- Andrea, Teacher in Maryland
Science Resources in a Box

Our always-growing content library includes over 50 hours of content covering Life & Earth Space Science. Teachers can assign, or students can play on their own for extra dosage.

Customized Guide for Your Standards

Not NGSS? No problem. We make customized guides to map our content with whatever standards your schools are using.

Support Materials

Each storyline is accompanied with a teacher guide, quickly covering what the students are going to experiment with in the game, what the key concepts are, and the answers to areas students may struggle with.

Additional easy-to-print worksheets and digital resources are available to tailor to each class's needs.

Boosts Learning

They have improved so much on reasoning and identifying patterns using Tyto. The students use evidence to explain their answers more than I have ever seen before in my classroom.
- Keith, Teacher in Illinois

A NSF-funded pilot shows a 12% increase in Science & Engineering Practices. Learn more about our research.

Grounded in the Real World

Phenomena are chosen for interest and real-world applications, designed for students to find not only engaging, but also empowering as they see the power of STEM.

Extensive Library of Support Materials

Our support materials are designed not only to help teachers save prep time, but also to promote dialogue and help students solidify learning.

Progress Tracking

Quick Export

From the teacher dashboard, completion data of each class can be exported to a spreadsheet for easy grading.

NGSS Integrated

See students' mastery of standards based on three-dimensional performance, and how much time we've had them spend across various practices and concepts.

Supports Struggling Students

We make it easy to see where students need help, to provide small group or whole-class support.

Tyto is NOT Gamified Learning

Gamification: adding game elements on traditional non-game contexts, while the game part does not contribute to learning objectives
Tyto is NOT pop-up multiple choice questions over unrelated gameplay.
Tyto is NOT watching videos and answering questions overlayed on a game.
Tyto is NOT e-learning activities through a portal that is inside of a game.

Tyto is Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning: utilizing gaming to meet learning objectives, while playing the game itself is the learning process
Tyto Online Screenshot: the player follows an ant up a leaf high above the ground.
Observe phenomena and collect the data in the game world from the first-person perspective, instead of watching a video.
Tyto Online Screenshot: the player analyzes a line chart showing the relationship between the leaf hight and spore travel distance.
Analyze the data you collected and draw conclusions, instead of being handed data.
Tyto Online Screenshot: player makes an argument of why the ants walk onto the tall leaves to die, by connecting different pieces of evidence,
Make a claim by reasoning with the evidences you collected, instead of memorizing conclusions and not understanding why.

Explore our interactive demo.

Takes ~15m to see what the student experience is like without needing to make an account and get into the game.

Ready to get started?

Talk to us to find out how Tyto Online can help your teachers and students.

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