Recruiting Efficacy Study Participants

Kailin Yang

About Expeditions

We are developing a new feature in Tyto Online called Expeditions, in which students would need to work together in groups to solve a problem in an ecosystem. Compared to our base game, Expeditions is more collaborative and open-ended, focusing more on science and engineering practices rather than particular knowledge. For more information, watch this presentation.

What We Need Your Help with

We are recruiting Tyto Online users to try out this new feature, and provide data that would measure how effective this new feature is as a learning tool, working with our partners at TERC.


  • We will provide any materials needed for your district/school’s approval, and help you get set up and answer any questions
  • We will have your students and their parents to sign the parent consent form and the student assent form (paper or digital)
  • The students will complete a pre-test to measure their competency in science and engineering practices

EXPERIENCE (2-3 class periods over 1-2 weeks)

  • The students will complete one (or more) of the Expedition scenarios in-class with you (lesson support provided by our team)
  • Afterwards, the students will complete a post-test to measure their competency in science and engineering practices, as well as a short survey for general feedback


  • We will interview you about the experience your implementation methods 

What You would Get

  • $250 stipend for your help!
  • Your students will get to virtually practice as a STEM professional in the Expedition.
  • Your students will be empowered to provide feedback to developers and see STEM careers in game development.

Express Interest

Email us at or use the live chat on the website here. Let us know what grades you teach and how many sections/students.

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