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We are not a custom development shop. We use our proven framework & authoring tools to create your experience, and continue to support you and your use case, as a long-term partner.

Investment starts at $50,000.

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Game-Based Learning Strategy Development

Not sure where to start?

For $5-10k, our team will conduct a needs assessment and propose a game-based learning strategy for your program. This will include value games could add beyond existing learning, how games would be best integrated alongside your existing program, even what would NOT benefit from games, and more.

This information can be then used to work with us or other organizations to develop games for your program.

Storyline & Instructional Content Writing

Amount of Content

The amount of content will depend on the implementation model you choose, and then the frequency and amount of learning objectives you want to hit.

A single quest typically takes 15-20 minutes to finish, while a storyline is a more wholistic 1-1.5 hour experience that consists of 4-6 quests to take on a project.

Content Process

We'll consult with your team to help determine the best plan for creating effective game-based learning content that complements your existing program and hits learning objectives. You can choose to leave it entirely to us, or have your editorial or instructional designers work with us.

Download our white paper to learn more.

Authoring & Implementation

Bring the Interactive Experience to Life

Our team will turn the content into an interactive experience through our content authoring tool, and potentially adding new capabilities.

Custom Assets

We have a variety of maps and models that can be reused to build your experience, but will also make custom assets depending on use case and the experience desired.

Integration with Your Systems

Account Management

We currently have SSO options:

Azure AD (Microsoft)

Additional integrations can be added as-needed, or even be passed auth information directly from partners so that a login is shared with your program.

Communication with Your Platform

We can have our platform communicate with yours through APIs to determine which content to deliver, and relay progress and assessment data.

If you do not have API capabilities, we have simpler options like a custom URLs for calling specific content.

Custom Branding in Portal

We can have a customized landing page for your users to access Tyto game content for a smooth, branded experience. View our case studies for examples.

Custom Branding in Game

If desired, we can make custom levels for you with no reference to Tyto and limit your users to only access those custom-built levels. However, your users will not be able to experience certain social features such as our Marketplace or the custom Apartment.

A Platform to Learn Anything

Tyto is a game-based learning platform where anyone can learn anything:
K-12 curriculum to career exploration to workforce training... and more.

Interested in partnering to create content for your curriculum or program?

Investment starts at $50,000.

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Not ready yet?

We're working towards making our authoring tool available to third-parties to create content directly with our toolsets, making the process more affordable for any team size or budget levels.

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