January 30, 2024
Content Updates

First Math Storyline Released!

Kailin Yang

New Math Storyline "Doody Duty"

We have launched our first math storyline! With funding from NSF's VITAL Prize , we have created the new storyline "Doody Duty", which teaches students about volume and surface area of rectangular prisms.

This storyline is available from Dr. Joel Zaleski in the Cryo-Bay. And it features...

  • Spatial relationships, including shapes and dimension
  • Using models and physical objects to understand concepts (we've made a brand-new mechanic that allows students to fill containers in-world, which will help to determine volume!)
  • Using formulae to streamline calculations

Here's a walkthrough of the storyline:

This storyline is currently listed under the "General" module. We will have a module particularly for Math once we have more content.

UX Improvements

We've also made some tweaks to our argument builder. Now students can easily review their evidence before picking a claim.

Also, reasoning word buttons now have a question mark instead of a plus sign -- user testing revealed that math content can be confusing with random plus signs lying around!

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