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We're an ed-tech startup with an audacious vision of how games can be used to empower learning.

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Driven by our Mission to Empower Learners

Our team is devoted to bringing Tyto to life because of the impact it can have as it inspires learners, from our classroom usage now to broader in the future.

What We're Proud Of

Tyto Online Impact

Last year when I played it, it was the best thing in the world for me to play. I understood everything way easier than just in the book.

-Middle School Student
Learners Impacted

Through 2023

Pilot Study Results

Increase in Science & Engineering Practices

Tyto is NOT Gamified Learning

Gamification: adding game elements on traditional non-game contexts, while the game part does not contribute to learning objectives
Tyto is NOT pop-up multiple choice questions over unrelated gameplay.
Tyto is NOT watching videos and answering questions overlayed on a game.
Tyto is NOT e-learning activities through a portal that is inside of a game.

Tyto is Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning: utilizing gaming to meet learning objectives, while playing the game itself is the learning process
Tyto Online Screenshot: the player follows an ant up a leaf high above the ground.
Observe phenomena and collect the data in the game world from the first-person perspective, instead of watching a video.
Tyto Online Screenshot: the player analyzes a line chart showing the relationship between the leaf hight and spore travel distance.
Analyze the data you collected and draw conclusions, instead of being handed data.
Tyto Online Screenshot: player makes an argument of why the ants walk onto the tall leaves to die, by connecting different pieces of evidence,
Make a claim by reasoning with the evidences you collected, instead of memorizing conclusions and not understanding why.

Looking to boost your curriculum?
Make more impact with Tyto.

Curriculum providers are partnering with Tyto to turn their curriculum into engaging and effective inquiry learning experiences, in a video game.

The People Behind Tyto Online

Lindsey Tropf

CEO & Founder

Kyle Trussell

Technical Director

Caroline Lamarque

Creative Director & Co-founder

Ryan Tropf

Operations & Co-founder

Kailin Yang

Product, UX Design, Scrum Leader

Florencia Bonarto

Art Lead

Anneliese Pixton

Sales Consultant

Peter Theryo

Web Developer

Nick Galjanic

Game Developer

Chris "Topher" McCants

Environmental Artist

Andrew Goh

2D Artist & Animator

Kevin Wise

Game Developer

Diyi Liu

Front End Web Developer

Dr. Holly Pope

Research & DEI Consultant

Nate Marshall

Game Developer

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