May 11, 2023
Case Studies

Certified Educator: Chris Piede

Lindsey Bowers
Implementation Manager


Chris is a Middle School Teacher at Lake Shore Central School District in New York. He has been using Tyto Online since 2019 with his students, recently completing Family Matters, Feeding the Population, and In Your Blood.

What Chris Has to Say

"Tyto helps promote student learning by having the students interact on their own to discover and solve problems.  The hands-on approach that each student has to do (and tracking their progress) allows each individual student to be responsible for their learning and progress."

Typical Day using Tyto in the Classroom

Setting the Context

Chris uses Tyto as a supplemental exploration of material in his curriculum.  He spends time on the teacher dashboard, even playing the quests himself to find storylines that go along with his curriculum. Mr. Piede starts his class sessions by reviewing what was learned in the previous days lesson. Chris utilizes the scheduling feature within the teacher dashboard to pace student learning and to provide opportunities for remediation.

Checks for Understanding

Chris utilizes worksheets to go with the assigned quests to answer questions pertaining to objectives from the Next Generation Learning Standards. He does this to help reinforce important information learned through gameplay, and to get a better understanding of what students gained from each lesson. He utilizes the progress tracker within the teacher dashboard to remediate when students are making common mistakes, or stuck. Chris ends his class periods by having a conversation with students about what they learned and what questions they still have.

Engaging Middle School Students

Chris mentions that a large population of middle school students are into gaming, and using Tyto connects that interest to learning. He loves that it is a self-paced way to learn for students. "I've had students do entire storylines on their own at home because they liked it so much." 

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