July 20, 2017
Behind the Scenes

Then and Now: Kelly Yeo (Concept Artist & Texture Painter)

Lindsey Tropf

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Then and Now, a bi-weekly video series which aims to give you a look into how the Immersed Games team were as kids, and how their childhoods impacted their work in game development, as well as Tyto Online!

This week's installment features Kelly Yeo, concept artist and texture painter at Immersed Games. In this video, she shares her time growing up as a rebellious child, the teachers that made a difference to her, and a game that drew her in like no other.

Want to be a concept artist or a texture painter like Kelly? Take a look at our infographic below on an average day for Kelly, ideal colleges to research, and resources you can use now to start preparing for your journey.

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