November 25, 2016
News & Announcements

Tyto Online is LIVE!!

Lindsey Tropf

Hello, everyone! We just hit the button and Tyto Online early access is now LIVE!

[FIXED/UPDATED] We do have a few things we're working on improving and will have a new build up in a couple hours, but couldn't quite make it in before the available launch window. :)

Known Issues that Should be Fixed Very, Very Soon Already with Our Update

  • We have one known server crash that may be prompted during naming characters that is likely to happen occasionally over the next couple hours.
  • When you exit to the game world or reach the next part of your onboarding quest, if your quest doesn't update to the next step, run around a bit in the area until it prompts -- you basically have to leave and re-enter the zone that should prompt it.
  • You may need to zoom your view in a bit if UI interfaces or objects are not available to click on.
  • You may hear other player's footsteps. Have fun with that!
  • Food webs will be missing images and may cause a crash.

Again, these major issues will be fixed with our update. The update in a couple hours also includes a vast improvement to the custom room UI that one of our devs worked on all day over Thanksgiving, tranquil-icer ability improvement, and a couple new quests.

We look forward to seeing you all in game and working on Tyto Online with you. :)

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