Founder & CEO of Immersed Games, making Tyto Online: creating a video game-based platform for NGSS science learning.

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Lindsey Tropf

I became fascinated by how much I was learning as a World of Warcraft player, and the amazing community of learning that develops in online gaming communities. As I went through my education doctorate program, I kept linking ideal learning models back these gaming approaches and mechanics. However, when I looked at what existed in the market, it felt flat. Educational games tended to be shallow, rote practice experiences. Then when you find a strong one, it was often a one-off designed experience with limited gameplay. The result limited the ability of learners or teachers to use educational games at scale. I therefore wanted to create a single game that could be developed into a platform to learn across content areas.


New Course: Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

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2021 Year in Review!

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Example Tyto Online Storyline Implementation

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Supporting our LGBTQ+ Community

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