Call for Proposals:
NGSS MicroGrant

We'll be selecting four grant recipients from each region around the United States interested in being Showcase Sites. They will receive a package valued at up to $25,000 with Tyto Online, onsite professional development, and ongoing support and coaching.


Expected time to complete: 15 minutes
First page of application is contact info; complete that to be reminded to complete the rest later.

Call for Proposals: <br>NGSS MicroGrant

What's included with the MicroGrant?

For a limited time, we will be accepting proposals from qualified educational institutions who will receive a free site license subscription of our acclaimed instructional gaming platform Tyto Online.

Site License

A site license for up to 2,000 students in your organization.

Onsite PD

Onsite professional development for educators involved in the implementation.

Ongoing Coaching

Online PD course for ongoing coaching as you implement Tyto -- and the NGSS!

Awesome Support

Fantastic, personal support with a dedicated contact person.

What does it mean to be selected as a recipient and Showcase Site?

Implement Tyto Online

We'll be supporting you in using Tyto Online. See below for a suggested process for implementation.

Provide Data

As part of being a showcase site, we'll want data to understand the success of your usage. We can plan with your team what makes sense to collect.

Interviews & Media for Case Study

We'll want to feature you as a case study for the Showcase site and brag about how awesome you are, so we'll need to be able to do some interviews and use some media -- we understand students may not be possible, but at least with some teachers!

Suggested Implementation Process

for Grant Recipients

Kickoff Call

Overall call with administrator and teacher leaders to identify goals and plan with relevant stakeholders.

Initial Onsite PD

Tyto Online Implementation Manager will join on-site for a scheduled PD.

Baseline Assessment

Initial assessment of baseline data for participating students.


Let's get started! Teachers start using Tyto Online with their students.

Learning Community

Join our online PD platform and learn from other grant recipients as we all share practices.

Implementation Review

Provide final assessment data of students comparing against baseline, and anecdotal survey data.

Due June 1, 2020 11:59 PM PST

Get started on your grant proposal.

Complete a simple 15-minute grant application.
You will need an approving administrator and information you likely already know about your science program.
You may want to review the Tyto Online website for more information to help complete the proposal.
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