Jumping into Character

Relationships in Ecosystems; human impacts, ecosystem, instability
15 minutes

There seems to be something wrong with the jackrabbits. Students use a holo-suit to turn into a jackrabbit to find the source of the illness.

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Standards Covered

LS2.A Interdependent relationships in ecosystems

Anchoring Phenomena & Topics Covered

Relationships in Ecosystems; human impacts, ecosystem, instability

Real World Connections

This quest explores the idea that sometimes human interference in ecosystems can be helpful, and sometimes harmful.

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Hip-Hop Investigation

Students are put to the challenge of investigating three Jack Rabbit families to see what is causing some of the rabbits to be sick. Students put on their rabbit holo-suit to not scare or disturb the jackrabbits.

Desperate Times

Students observe and collect evidence at each location. Some of the jackrabbits seem to be doing okay, some do not. Why is one family of jackrabbits eating poisonous milkweed?

To Interfere or Not to Interfere

Students bring their evidence back to Tai and build an argument explaining what is causing the jackrabbits to get sick. The student then discusses and chooses an option with Tai. Should we interfere by planting edible plants? Maybe students should remove the milkweed?

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