The Big Sneeze

an epidemic; disease, nature of science, scientific process, iteration
75 minutes (5 15-minute lessons)

Nurse Marysol is overwhelmed at the clinic: a sudden influx of patients have appeared, all of whom are sneezing and complaining of a rash on their forearms. Councilwoman Nasim fears an epidemic. Students must advise Nasim on best practices for Espethians to avoid the illness–while simultaneously learning everything about it!

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Standards Covered

This storyline focuses on the Next Generation Science Standards' Connections to the Nature of Science.

Anchoring Phenomena & Topics Covered

an epidemic; disease, nature of science, scientific process, iteration

Real World Connections

How can we stop the spread of a sickness while we’re still learning about it? This storyline was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the reasons scientists' recommendations changed as they learned.

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Evaluate New Patients

A brand new sickness is showing up! Students start by helping in the Community Clinic, collecting intake forms and looking for the similarities across cases, including where the new sickness may have come from.

How can we reduce the spread of the illness?

Students then run experiments to provide advice on how to reduce the spread of the illness. Should you cover your mouth when you sneeze? Sure, but what if it's on your hands, then? Students are asked to make quick recommendations that may not work out until they've learned more.

Iterate advice to help improve health outcomes for the city!

Students examine the data and see cases are still rising so dig deeper and make more recommendations through experimenting with how the virus is spread and what kills it, to end with improved recommendations.

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