Growth & Genetics

Amarantha and the Seedlings

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Time to Complete:
15 minutes

Rowan's favorite tree had seedlings that recently sprouted! She needs help predicting the leaf shape of these seedlings by using Punnett squares.

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Standards Covered

LS1B: Growth and Development of Organisms

Anchoring Phenomena & Topics Covered

Predicting genetics; punnett square, dna, dominant, recessive, allel

Real World Connections

This quest teaches students about the probability of acquiring traits from a parent using Punnett squares. It piques curiosity into the question of why siblings have similarities and differences, why puppies in a litter look differently, etc.

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Amarantha Seedling

Rowan's favorite tree has seedlings that sprouted. She wants your help predicting what type of leaves the new seedling might have. Round or pointy?

Punnett Probability

Rowan teaches the student how to complete Punnett squares to make predictions and find the probability of certain traits.

Can we be Certain?

Students find the probability of pointy vs. round leaves. Is it possible to predict with 100% certainty what type of leaves this new seedling will have? 

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