September 30, 2022
Content Updates

Updated Patterns Across Ecosystems Storyline: The Desert Menu

Caroline Lamarque


It's time to shake things up...with a brand-new biodome! (Or one that's retconned to be brand-new, anyway...!) Councilwoman Nasim wants you and Supervisor Cherie to put your heads together and come with a design plan for the definitely-never-before-seen Mojave Desert biodome! There's only one rule: it's gotta be just right for a population of cougars. Learn about predator-prey relationships, niches, and why population size matters when you make your way up the food chain. What does it take to support an apex predator like a cougar? It might take more than you think!

A jaguar feasts on a capybara while a tiger dines on a muntjac.
It’s dinnertime! But this interaction is just the tip of the ecosystem iceberg…

This storyline covers relationships within ecosystems, and asks players to make predictions about the desert ecosystem based on data gathered from big cats in other ecosystems.

Mathematical Thinking

This storyline also features significant mathematical thinking, to an extent that hasn't been seen in any of our other storylines. "Using mathematics and computational thinking" is a Science and Engineering Practice outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards.

We have also created some printable worksheets so that students can use a pen and paper to help them work out and keep track of the math they encounter in this storyline. (These worksheets are linked in our teacher guide.)

Context within Tyto

This storyline is accessible after 'Panic! at the Microscope,' the second storyline in our Cells to Organisms module. It is replacing 'A Balanced Diet.' All of the quests from 'A Balanced Diet' are now enrichment or practice quests.

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