April 5, 2020
Product Updates

Spring 2020 Update

Kailin Yang

Hello, everyone!  We keep our large updates between semesters, but we have some great improvements ready and since most people are learning from home -- and we have a LOT more people signing up right now -- we wanted to go ahead and get these live!

So, welcome to our mid-semester Spring update! Here's what's included:

Large reductions to hard drive space required to install Tyto Online!  

Chromebooks went from ~1 GB to ~600 MB to install.  Macs went from ~7 GB to ~4 GB, and Windows went from ~5 GB to ~2 GB.

Improvements to the Ecology Sandbox

First, we wanted to give our create-your-own Ecosystem Sandbox some improvements. Overall, we've made large changes to improve the underlying simulation functioning and make it more feasible to create a mature, balanced ecosystem. Major changes to the simulation include:

  • Pollinators have longer grace periods where they don't need food, before they will die, to better reflect how they normally survive while plants are not blossoming;
  • Carnivores are less bloodthirsty and will better focus on scavenging fresh meat before killing a new animal for their meal;
  • Reproduction cycles have been made a bit faster, to help your smaller animals bounce back against predation more easily;
  • Large carnivores now come in singles, so they won't' reproduce until you allow them to (by placing another carnivore territory nearby so that it overlaps);
  • Deodar cedars and kapok trees are now edible!
  • Animals mature a little bit faster;
  • Leaf and Nectar regeneration improvements, which is good news for your hungry pollinators and herbivores!

We also made additional improvements to the Sandbox:

  • Fixed some bugs and confusion points in the tutorial;
  • Improved stability for user connectivity and crash fixes;
  • Made the information panel larger when you click on a territory or plant, so it is easier to read on small screens;
  • Improved appearance and functioning for territory markers for animals, so that it's easier to see where they live and where you can place new territories;
  • Improved appearance for seeing where you can place plants.

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Natural Selection Storyline & Women's History Month

A brand new Natural Selection storyline and our Women's History Month update is live!

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