March 2, 2023
Content Updates

Natural Selection Storyline & Women's History Month

Kailin Yang

Not Your Grandma's Armadillo

Paleontologist Jacques at the Ovo Island dig site

Paleontologist Jacques is eager to find out if Ovo has a fossil record like the one on Earth. Students learn about the Law of Superposition to determine which organisms arrived on the island before or after others. Interestingly, some unidentifiable remains are found on the island. Students research two different animal species to learn about the adaptations that have allowed them to thrive on the island since arriving suddenly several decades ago, as well as what happens when an animal lacks the adaptations it needs within its habitat.

This is the first storyline in our all-new Natural Selection & Adaptations module! This module is unlocked when students have completed the final storyline in our Growth & Genetics module. You can assign the storyline (or specific quests) to your students without the necessary pre-requisites via the teacher dashboard.

Celebrate Women's History Month

Our Black History Month exhibit at the art museum has been updated to a new exhibit honoring 24 women from all around the world! Students can click on each picture to learn their contributions to science.

Women's History Month display at Tyto's Art Museum

More Updates

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