January 5, 2023
Content Updates

Ice Ice Froggy, our New Cryo Bay and More!

Kailin Yang

Ice Ice Froggy (New Storyline)

One of our most-requested content topics is cell anatomy. Well, the wait is finally over! Our new storyline, 'Ice Ice Froggy,' will cover the basics of cell anatomy (focusing on the nucleus, cell membrane, mitochondria, and cell wall).

In this storyline consisting of 6 quests, students are asked to figure out why the latest shipment of cryogenically-frozen leopard frogs from Earth appear to have sustained skin damage. Students must investigate the extent of the damage by seeing which cell organelles were affected by the cold so that they can deduce what went wrong and how to fix it.

This storyline is replacing "Panic! At the Microscope" as the second storyline of our Cells & Organisms module.

Mystery Masterpiece (New 15-minute Quest)

Violet has gotten her hands on four copies of a lost masterpiece by a famous Espethian painter...but which one is the real one? In this quest, students help the art curator use deductive reasoning to figure out which painting is Espeth's long-lost masterpiece!

This is a stand-alone enrichment quest in the General module.

Dinner for Two (Updated 15-minute Quest)

Our old quest, 'Of Panganogs and Gepettos,' taught students about the different types of symbiotic relationships by having them investigate why geppettos tend to show up underneath a certain tree whenever panganogs start snacking on its fruits. This quest has been updated and re-titled 'Dinner for Two.' In this new version, students still learn about symbiosis, but we've added a more in-depth investigative process, fun new geppetto and panganog animations, and have moved the quest to the Island to make use of some of its unique flora!

This is a stand-alone enrichment quest in the Ecology module.

More Updates

First Math Storyline Released!

Tyto has launched its first math storyline, with the funding from VITAL Prize.

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