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How Tyto Online Works

We use a game to set up the context and problems for authentic, meaningful science explorations where students feel like they are really getting to DO science... because they are.

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Assign content from our ready-to-go library

From your Teacher Dashboard, explore our content and assign it to your students for in-game completion.

Standards Included - See the three-dimensional standards each activity covers. Yes, that means SEPs and CCCs, not just the DCIs!

Schedule Activities - You can plan ahead and assign activities to become available on certain dates to align with curriculum.

Content starts with phenomena or problems

For example, students might see an ant weirdly crawl up a leaf then die as something grows from its head! 😱

Various complexity - Choose from Storylines with complex anchoring phenomena, Supplementals with simpler investigation-level, or even simulation-based Sandboxes for longer-term projects.

Real-world applications - Phenomena are chosen for interest and real-world applications, designed for students to find not only engaging, but also empowering as they see the power of STEM.

Kids solve problems using science practices

For example, collecting data to show how the spores that exploded from the ant's head infect more ants when they are higher, explaining why the ant went up a leaf first... but more investigations are needed to understand HOW!

All practices and crosscutting standards addressed - what students do within the game uses these skills and concepts, so they are mastering them as they play.

Scaffolded supports - Our quests include scaffolds like a "puzzle piece" style argument builder with help if students need it, and then other activities, such as the Sandboxes and upcoming Expeditions, have increasing complexity to build students' understanding.

Use our supplemental activities as you go

Our supplemental activities are designed to promote dialogue and help students solidify learning.

Routines - Use our routines so that you can do the same practices and activities for every storyline, no matter the content.

Printable or Digital - Provided activities can be done in paper alongside the game, or digitally, based on your needs!

"I plugged in the dates and downloaded the worksheets the students would use for recordkeeping and called it a day. Spent way more time planning out lessons that came from the textbook.”
-Andrea, Teacher in Maryland

Track progress with assessment data

As your students wrap up, check progress and also the specific arguments or other work they created.

Standards Included - See students' mastery of standards based on three-dimensional performance, and how much time we've had them spend across various practices and concepts.

Highlights Struggling Students - We make it easy to see where students need help, to provide small group or whole-class support.

Explore our interactive demo.

Takes ~15m to see what the student experience is like without needing to make an account and get into the game.

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