Earth's Systems
volcanoes; magma, tectonic plates, plate boundary, hot spot, natural disasters
75 minutes (5, 15-minute lessons)

Councilman Ignacio is worried that the research island may actually be a live volcano! Students work with archivist Layla to learn more about the different types of volcanoes, their causes, and how eruptions can be predicted.

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Standards Covered

MS-ESS2-2: Construct an explanation based on evidence for how geoscience processes have changed Earth's surface at varying time and spatial scales. MS-ESS2-3: Analyze and interpret data on the distribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and seafloor structures to provide evidence of the past plate motions.

Anchoring Phenomena & Topics Covered

volcanoes; magma, tectonic plates, plate boundary, hot spot, natural disasters

Real World Connections

Volcanoes are a naturally occurring phenomenon that impacts communities across the world. Students may be interested to learn how volcanoes occur, and how they can be predicted to prevent disaster amongst communities that reside near volcanoes.

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An Explosive Idea

Councilman Ignacio is concerned that Research Island is actually a volcano! He needs student's help to determine if this theory is true, and if we should be concerned. Students investigate the connection between both plate boundaries and hot spots and volcanoes. Students also study rock samples from the various islands to determine how they were created.

You Want Me to Go Where...?

Students visit an active volcano to collect data on what sorts of things are happening before an eruption. Students use this data to select tools to place around Research Island to help warn people of a potential eruption.

Compare if you Dare

After some time passes, students will review the data collected around Research Island and compare it to Volcano Island to see if Espethians are at risk! Is Research Island safe? 

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