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Engage Learners

Engage Learners

Love teaching with an engaging tool with built-in rewards and intrinsic motivation.
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Students became more engaged and interested because they were participating interactively instead of just reading a textbook.
- Rhiannon, Teacher in ME

27% of students play extra learning activities beyond assignments

Three-dimensional learning

NGSS Made Easy

Pre-built storylines based on anchoring phenomena, with students using practices to make sense of them.
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Students use evidence to explain their answers more than I have ever seen before in my classroom.
- Keith, Teacher in IL

12% increase
in Science & Engineering Practices

Supports all students


Deep representation and modern, relevant approaches to inclusion.
‚ÄćHow we support all students.

Students embraced the ability to create an avatar that reflected themselves.
- Mark, Teacher in RI

Equal engagement for marginalized groups of students.

Our Features, Summarized For You

All Content Included

We want students and teachers to have access to anything they want to learn or teach ‚ÄĒ including updates with new content. All our content is included.

Teachers can assign, or students can play on their own for extra dosage.

Our always-growing content library includes:

17 Storylines (100+ Quests)
70+ Supplemental Quests
3 Sandboxes
No-Install: Web Browser

No install needed, as we run natively in the web browser in Chromebooks, Windows, or Mac devices.

Support Materials Included

We include teacher guides and supplemental worksheets to make it easy to print and go within the classroom.

"Sign in With" Available

Import from Google Classroom, "Sign in with" Google or Microsoft. More integrations coming soon.

Security Compliant

We cover COPPA, FERPA, and NYS 2D Ed Law. Have something else in your state?  Reach out and we can likely cover its requirements, too.

Teacher Dashboard

Our teacher dashboard allows for managing classes/student accounts, assigning content, and receive progress tracking with assessment data.

Supportive Community

Join our Community where educators share ideas and practices, get direct access to the development team to give feedback and shape direction of the product,

On-demand PD Course

Within our Community are free self-service, on-demand PD courses teachers can take on using the game, and culturally responsive STEM approaches.

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Choose and assign content which will be delivered to students when they log into the game to play!

Tyto Online is one of the best out there to meet our needs with NGSS and educational technology for the grade levels it targets. The students are engaged, the teachers are empowered and the experience is wonderful. I wish more schools would know about Tyto as it would greatly benefit their learners. I love that it works with our Chromebooks and is easy for our teachers to get up and running and for our students to navigate.
Michael, Technology Integrator in NY
The kids love it, it is similar to how they play games outside school and it allows them to find evidence to use to solve a mystery and make a claim. This is a great first step for us toward the new science standards. Making claims, giving evidence,
and tying it all together is so new and foreign to kids right now,
that I will take all the help I can get, and if it's in a setting they enjoy,
they are more likely to engage and try.
Lisa, Science Coordinator in NY
My daughter LOVED Tyto! Would actually bring her laptop into my bed on Saturday mornings to play it and show me everything she was doing. She went toe-to-toe in a conversation about photosynthesis and the structure of glucose with my husband, who is a literal rocket scientist! Before playing it, she would say she was bad at science. She doesn‚Äôt say that any more! She has gone from saying that she is bad at science to saying ‚ÄúI haven‚Äôt learned that, yet.‚ÄĚ Such a huge difference!
Andrea, Parent and Teacher in MA

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