Tyto Online is also available for subscription by parents.

Your child can learn science while playing an online game with their friends – having fun and learning, from home!

Simple, inclusive pricing.

You’ll start with a two week free trial, and then just $5 monthly to include all content and updates.

If you have multiple children, save 20% on any additional accounts.


 /student /mo

No credit card required to get started.


Prefer some guidance? We're now bringing on enrichment partners with camps/classes.

Sign up with a class and your kid can join a group of others while playing the game, and have guidance from an instructor ensuring their success and learning outcomes. A one-year subscription of Tyto Online is included.

Our first partner's class is available virtually and goes live in January!

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Q & A

What age range is Tyto Online best for?

We were designed for middle school (11-14 year old) content standards. However, we have children and teenagers 9+ regularly playing and enjoying the game!

We would not recommend the game for someone under 9 years old unless a parent wants to play with them, as there is abstract reasoning involved that may be difficult for a young child.

What if I’m a a homeschooler? Can I manage my students the same way a school teacher does?

We recommend homeschoolers to register as a parent. You can then message us (using the live chat at the bottom-right of your screen) for turning on the full teacher tools and we’ll get it all set up for you.

Do I have to assign content to my kids?

You do not have to assign content to your kids. The game will auto-progress for them naturally by default.

Who can my kids see and talk to? Is it safe?

All players are visible to each other in Tyto Online. We use CleanSpeak filter for chats to create a safer environment. A parent can use their parental settings to turn off chat for their children.