"takes learning to the next level"

Learn Science With Your Friends

Wake up from cryosleep on an alient planet set far in the future. Start building your new life as a Tyto Academy student, working to solve problems in the city and learn from the mistakes of our past.

Loved by 10,000+
students like you

"last year when i played it, it was the best thing in the world for me to play i understood everything way easier then just in the book."

Middle school student who wants to be a biologist now,
after playing Tyto Online in school!

Watch the lore introduction to the game.

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Customizable Character with Many Upgrades.

Play Right in the Web Browser with No Installation

Solve meaningful problems on an alien planet with STEM skills.

Earn pets.

Design and decorate your own apartment.

Special holiday events with limited shops.

One game with over 150 quests, 3 sandboxes, and always growing.

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You will need an adult to help: a class code from a teacher, or a parent to help with their email.
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