Culturally Responsive
Approaches to Science
with Tyto Online

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Courses & Webinars

Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

2-3 hours.
This course is developed for anyone who wants to learn how to make their learning environment relevant to their students’ lives. It's made up of 5 Modules, including "Do the Inner Work," "Build Up the Learners," and "Establishing Community."

Supporting Culturally Responsive
Science with Tyto Online

15 minutes.
We review culturally responsive concepts for science,
and address how Tyto Online incorporates
them into its curriculum.

Culturally Responsive & Antiracist
Science Teaching

60 minutes.
A more detailed review of research and resources in
how to approach culturally responsive and antiracist science instruction. Minimal discussion of Tyto Online!

My daughter LOVED Tyto! Would actually bring her laptop into my bed on Saturday mornings to play it and show me everything she was doing. Before playing it, she would say she was bad at science. She doesn’t say that any more! She has gone from saying that she is bad at science to saying “I haven’t learned that, yet.” Such a huge difference!
Science Teacher + Parent

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