Growth & Genetics

Feeling Blue

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15 minutes

Why is an iguana in the Rainforest BLUE?! Both of its parents are green, and this is the first time seeing a blue iguana! Can students figure out what is causing this trait?

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Standards Covered

LS3.B Variation of Traits

Anchoring Phenomena & Topics Covered

mutations; heterozygous, homozygous, dna, genes, recessive trait

Real World Connections

It is common for offspring to look different than parents. Students may investigate other instances of this happening in their own lives.

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Why so Blue?

Cherie discovered a blue iguana! Both parents of this iguana aren't blue. She needs help figuring out what caused this coloring.

Punnett Probability

Students head into the rainforest biodome to collect DNA samples of the green and blue iguanas. Using Punnet squares, students examine the DNA to get a better understanding of why this iguana is blue.

Build an Argument

Once students collect their evidence, they must make a claim and prepare an argument using the evidence to explain why this baby iguana is blue! 

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