We have a dedicated team working together to improve learning experiences.

Small team, Big impact

Our Culture

We understand the impact of our company culture and actively shape our environment to support or team! Our goal is for team members to love coming into work each day and be part of a group that wants to see members grow both professionally and personally. We are an open, progressive bunch with a mission that drives us to get outside of our comfort zone, learn new things, and impact a generation of young people.

No Pretense

We encourage team members to be direct, to accept each other’s honest opinions and have an open discussion.

Life-Long Learning

We place a high value on life-long learning and growth, personally & professionally. Learning is a habit we should engage in forever.

Embrace Optimism

We're aiming to change the world, so we need a healthy dose of optimism to help see that vision & that we can actually do it!

Challenge Anything

Nothing, and no particular person’s ideas, are beyond reproach or changing. We can only be original if we don’t accept the ‘way it’s always been done.’

Be Bold

Empowering our people to be bold and ambitious in every decision, conveyed in the way we build every piece of our product and support our partners.


Inclusivity isn't about "tolerance," it's full acceptance, inclusivity in the community. We're thrilled to live in a world full of diverse people with unique perspectives.

Open Positions


Behind the Scenes

Use this gallery to take a peek at what it's like to work at Immersed Games.