Engage Learners

Love learning with an engaging platform that intrinsically inspires to curiosity, but also includes built-in rewards.
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27% of students play extra learning activities beyond assignments.

Strong Pedagogy

Pre-built storylines based on authentic problems for learners to solve, developing critical 21st century skills.
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12% increase
in Science & Engineering Practices.

Deeply Inclusive

Deep representation and modern, relevant approaches to inclusion and cultural responsiveness.
‚ÄćHow we support all students.

Equal engagement for marginalized groups of students.

Students became more engaged and interested because they were participating interactively instead of just reading a textbook.
- Rhiannon, Teacher in ME
Students use evidence to explain their answers more than I have ever seen before in my classroom.
- Keith, Teacher in IL
Students embraced the ability to create an avatar that reflected themselves.
- Mark, Teacher in RI

Flagship Content:
Middle School Science

We started with built-for-NGSS middle school science curriculum that works right in the web browser on Chromebooks. The content includes:

General: Nature of Science & Inquiry

Life Science: Cells to Organisms, Ecology, Growth & Genetics, Natural Selection & Adaptations

Earth & Space Science: Weather & Climate, Earth's Systems

What does it look like?

Watch some example activities from the learner perspective.

Now Partnering:
Teach Anyone Anything

Our proven framework can be used to teach any subject that benefits from problem- or scenario-based learning, where you want learners to develop critical skills.

One-of-a-kind game-based learning with strong pedagogy

Quick and effective content creation with Tyto's Content Authoring Tool

Lower cost and better support compared to a one-time contractor

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Tyto is NOT Gamified Learning

Gamification: adding game elements on traditional non-game contexts, while the game part does not contribute to learning objectives
Tyto is NOT pop-up multiple choice questions over unrelated gameplay.
Tyto is NOT watching videos and answering questions overlayed on a game.
Tyto is NOT e-learning activities through a portal that is inside of a game.

Tyto is Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning: utilizing gaming to meet learning objectives, while playing the game itself is the learning process
Observe phenomena and collect the data in the game world from the first-person perspective, instead of watching a video.
Analyze the data you collected and draw conclusions, instead of being handed data.
Make a claim by reasoning with the evidences you collected, instead of memorizing conclusions and not understanding why.

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