Updated Cells Introduction Storyline

We have updated our old ‘Outbreak’ storyline (now called ‘The Outbreak’) to be more interactive and to provide more in-depth learning. The old storyline will be left up for another week in case you have already started it but haven’t finished.

Celebrating Diversity

We have added hijabs to the game as a hairstyle, so students who wear them in real life can have their character represent them more accurately. Students who already has a character can get one at Whipper Snippers (in the Marketplace) and customize it as they like.

Also, keep an eye out for our Black History Month celebration event next year!

Loading Loading Loading!

  • We know that waiting for the game to load is boring, so we’ve added flavor text for when the game loads, and glossary cards when an in-game level loads. The words selected to review are actually based on which ones the student moused over for a definition in the game, so that generates a review list for the words they did not know!
  • We have added an error message if you lose connection to the game, and made it prompt much more quickly so you more readily know if this happened.
  • We are working on improving connectivity and loading times as well, so look for further improvements in future updates!

More Intuitive, Nicer-Looking Inventory, Vending, and Furniture-Placing System

  • We have simplified the inventory system so students don’t have to send their new clothes to the wardrobe or their new furniture to the apartment. All of the items will be right where they belong when gained.
  • The Inventory window and Shop window have been updated with bigger thumbnails, bigger text, and a more modern look.
  • We have added a collision check when placing items in the apartment, so no items will be lost behind the walls. Long-lost items can also now be discovered and retrieved, now that they are listed in the Apartment Inventory UI.

Winter Update (Just for Fun!)

Winter is coming! Students can find Joyce the Joyful Shopkeeper in front of the Marketplace transit center for some winter goods, from pets to apartment decor!

These will be available through late January.

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