One Saturday, a couple months ago, some team members at our game studio began chatting and sharing childhood stories about how much video games have impacted our lives.

One employee shared how he bonded with his mother over playing World of Warcraft. Another learned confidence and persistence after realizing, through games, that anything can be accomplished with enough effort. One of our interns shared that as a child and recent immigrant to the United States, she learned to speak better English through a voice-command Pokémon game.

While our educational games startup was founded because of the powerful potential of games, chatting that morning left us reflecting on all of our amazing personal stories that show the incredible and positive impact that playing games has had on our lives. After having such a great morning sharing with each other, we decided that we want to tell our stories to others, especially since there’s been so much negative press about video games in recent years.

We hope to promote a fresh dialogue about why games matter and encourage more people to take part, share, and reflect on the positive impact that this industry has had in the world, which will also allow us to more clearly see the potential we have to continue to transform as we go forward as game devs, gamers, and most importantly, as people.

We encourage individuals and other companies to share their own stories on Why Games Matter (#whygamesmatter). Create a video, write a blog post, or start a dialogue within your community to help spread the word. By spreading this message, we will help overcome the stigma of video games and create a more positive gaming community.

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