The Hand with the Plan

Elektra accidentally toasted her prosthetic hand on a Bunsen burner while working in the laboratory. Instead of replacing her prosthetic with the same model, she wants to build a new one from scratch! This new hand will be able to tell if it’s getting too hot, and will pull away from the heat source as a natural hand does. Learn about reflexes, voluntary movements, and how the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems all work together to enable body parts to function.


Whoops! Back to the drawing board.


‘Lending a Hand’ is an updated version of a previous storyline entitled ‘Helping Hands.’ While ‘Helping Hands’ focused on the phenomenon of phantom limb syndrome and its relation to the nervous system, ‘Lending a Hand’ incorporates facts about multiple body systems. The new storyline also involves more planning and design iterations, making for a more interactive and in-depth experience!

This storyline is the final one in our Cells to Organisms module. 

Spanish Glossary

In case you missed the news, we have also added Spanish definitions for key vocabulary in our game, based on requests from districts looking for even more ELL supports than those we already have. This is our first step towards localization – we will expand the language support to other parts of the content and include more languages in the future. Please reach out with requests so we can see interest and decide on the order of importance to implement!

How to Enable the Spanish Glossary

English is used as default for the vocabulary definitions. To change the glossary language, go to “Game Options” in the “Options” menu and select the language in the drop-down. This will save the preferences for each student account.

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