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Storylines start with an anchoring phenomena, like this one where they observe ants who have been infected with the cordyceps fungus (the “zombie”-like fungus that has inspired many pop culture stories)!

As students engage in the phenomena, they collect evidence. Here, they are examining the data about how far spores fall from the ant based on how high up on plants’ leaves they die, to understand how the fungus reproduces.

Students are then regularly asked to engage in argumentation from evidence to support their chosen claim. For example, why it’s beneficial for the fungus that the ant dies higher from the ground!

Content Modules Available


Balance interdependent relationships in ecosystems

Growth & Genetics

Solve genetic mysteries, increase food yield, and breed drakons!

Cells to Organisms

Assist in the community clinics mystries!

Weather & Climate

Learn how weather affects local areas, continents and the entire planet!

Game-based Learning is Evidence-Based

Research supports games as effective learning tools that power problem solving skills. 

Built for the Next Generation Science Standards

We use the practices you need to adopt as part of the NGSS: three-dimensional learning, sense-making with phenomena, and storylines!

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Equally engage your underrepresented students

Our approach is based on key research about strategies that sustain the STEM interest of girls and underrepresented minorities.

  • Showing the social impact of STEM careers
  • Reducing stereotypes
  • Varied ways to show understanding
  • And much more!

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Teacher Guides are available to help you know best practices for implementation. Includes suggested materials like using Summary Tables to track learning during a Storyline, and other in-class activities.

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The Teacher Dashboard allows you to manage accounts and assign content. Assessment data is gathered naturally as they play, and summarized for you. Personalize instruction based on areas of need!

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