Sandbox Rework

Our sandbox-unlocking assignments used to be a one-time on/off switch – once you “unlock” it for your students, there’s no way to make changes to the assignment. To improve the flexibility, we have spent some time making sandbox assignments behave the same way as other quests. Now you can make changes or delete a sandbox-unlock quest on the Calendar just as any other quests. The completion of the quest would unlock the sandbox, and reassigning or resetting the quest won’t revoke the access.

Halloween Update

‘Tis the season to be spooky! The game world has been decorated and Ulna the “Normal” Shopkeeper has returned with Halloween items.

Ulna the Normal Shopkeeper is at the transit center of the Tyto Commons.

New Map Style

The styles of the in-game maps have been updated to be cleaner and more functional. Decorations are omitted to not draw attention from what’s important, and popular locations such as “Whipper Snippers” (where you can redesign your character) have been labeled.

Error Screen

In addition to the new storyline, we’ve also added a screen that will tell you when the game has crashed because of something you might be able to fix on your end. Hopefully, being more specific about why the game isn’t cooperating will help to get you and your students back to playing that much faster!

Fun Facts: Male adult ketryxes are called cats, and female ketryxes are called felines. A ketryx’s plaintive call is known as a “meow.” A baby ketryx is called a puppy.

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