Tyto Online Development Roadmap

We're constantly updating Tyto Online, expanding out the game-based learning platform in order to provide more effective learning experiences.

Fall 2018

We'll be ready for Fall 2018 with several new features so that teachers can easily use Tyto Online across their Life Science NGSS teaching.

Four NGSS Life Science Topics with Sequences

All Life Science topics except Evolution will be ready (see Content), including suggested Sequences.

Updated Teacher Tools

We're revising the Teacher Tools to better fit teacher needs and NGSS clarity.

Chromebook Support

Install our upcoming Android app onto Chromebooks with managed Google Play!

Spring 2019

We're beginning a Department of Education-funded work on Earth & Space Science, focusing on Weather & Climate as the first Module of the new Domain.

Summer 2019

We've been working on Evolution (Natural Selection & Adaptation), too. This of course includes the opportunity to unlock an awesome dinosaur biodome (Cretaceous Mongolia) as they learn and to evolve their own creatures in a really unique and deep Sandbox experience.

Continued Expansion

Our current plan is to expand into Earth & Space Science afterwards, as we work towards supporting all three domains across Middle School.

Suggest features & provide feedback

We're developing based on the feedback of our users. Head over to our Suggestion Board to add ideas or vote and comment on existing ideas.

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