Tyto Online Development Roadmap

We're constantly updating Tyto Online, expanding out the game-based learning platform in order to provide more effective learning experiences.

Fall 2019

We'll be ready for Fall 2019 with several new features so that teachers can easily use Tyto Online across their curriculum.

Expanding into Earth & Space Science!

We're adding our first Earth & Space Science content, with our Weather & Climate Module!  This has been funded with help from the Department of Education.  It includes newSequences and a brand-new Sandbox where students can edit planet variables (see Content for more information.)


Continued Teacher Tool Updates

We're expanding the assessment portion of the Teacher Tools, adding "work product" information so that educators can see exactly which arguments students used, what flowcharts they made, and other student work generated during gameplay. We will be going live with these over Spring 2019, to have everything ready for the new school year.

Gameplay Improvements

We've also been working on overall gameplay improvements to make it easier for teachers and students to use the various mechanics, know what to do next, and get started! These will be rolling out across Spring 2019 for a complete launch by Fall.

What's after that?

The exact order we build next is determined by follow-on funding from the National Science Foundation and Department of Education, but also by feedback from everyone who uses the game.  This is therefore subject to change, but here's what we have in mind.

Fall 2019

We've been working on Evolution (Natural Selection & Adaptation), too! This of course includes the opportunity to unlock an awesome dinosaur biodome (Cretaceous Mongolia) as they learn and to evolve their own creatures in a really unique and deep Sandbox experience.

Spring 2020

When Evolution is done, Life Science will be complete, and next we're aiming to complete all of Earth & Space Science!  We'll continue adding Modules as we expand NGSS topics, likely around 1 per semester added.

Note: Pending funding, we may work on Earth & Space Science before finishing Evolution.

Teacher Tools & Supports

Alongside this, we'll be adding more Teacher Tools & Supports, including better Teacher Guides and more suggested activities and educational flows. We'll also regularly be seeking participants to test new Modules and provide feedback to help us improve.

Suggest features & provide feedback

We're developing based on the feedback of our users. Head over to our Suggestion Board to add ideas or vote and comment on existing ideas.

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