Tyto Academy

Tyto Academy was founded in 2096 to address the overwhelming number of applications for the chance to work and study in Espeth. The Academy accepts students from all over the  galaxy, teaching through experiences rather than dry lectures or rote memorization. Students are encouraged experiment out in the world, either around Espeth (which boasts a wide variety of fantastic and bizarre plant and animal life) or in Espeth’s biodomes, where some of the last remaining animal and plant species from Earth reside.

As a Tytonian, scientists and other Tyto students alike will ask you for help solving problems and running experiments! You’ll be able to collect evidence and present arguments to support your theories. You’ll also receive your very own apartment near the Academy, which you can decorate however you like! You’ll earn money by helping people and performing experiments, which you can use to purchase new clothing, or furniture for your room!