In the year 2034, a large group of scientists, teachers, engineers, physicists, zoologists, and other curious-minded thinkers came together to create something amazing: the Tyto Foundation. This foundation’s purpose was to bring the greatest minds on Earth together to innovate solutions to some of the world’s most confounding problems. The Tyto Foundation’s efforts led to a boom in scientific creativity, yielding inventions like faster-than-light space travel, cryotechnology, and terraforming.


After decades of scientific progress, the Tyto Foundation (now thousands strong and operating in all countries of the world) launched its most ambitious endeavor: the colonization of the planet Ovo, a jungle planet four years’ space travel from Earth. The first brave group of explorers landed in one of Ovo’s jungles in 2084 and established a research base called Espeth, home of Tyto Academy, the most prestigious university in the galaxy. For fifty years, Espeth and its Academy grew and thrived.


Unfortunately, Earth did the opposite. Despite all of Tyto’s achievements, the Earth–still home to billions of people–was declared uninhabitable four years ago. A full planetary evacuation was ordered by the Intergalactic Council, relocating people to one of the dozens of colonies on Ovo and its moons. Though all colonies have agreed to welcome a portion of Earth’s evacuees, Espeth only accepts the brightest, most promising minds, who will study at Tyto Academy and hopefully restore the Earth one day. You have been chosen for this special placement, and will begin your journey as a Tyto student after a four-year journey in cyrosleep from your ruined planet. The fate of the Earth rests with you and your cohorts!