Based on some initial feedback from educators, we decided to put out a mid-semester update that mainly focuses on some usability improvements and bug fixes.  We will be going live the evening of Friday, October 18th with this update.

Our goal is to do few updates as we don’t want to interrupt the flow of your class, and to give you more warning, but this has some critical improvements we need to get out before our next planned update, which will be during Winter Break.

On that note, what’s in this patch?

Ecology Sandbox Improvements

We’ve had some reported issues connecting and maintaining connections to the create-your-own ecosystem Ecology Sandbox, the H.E.L.O.  We’ve made an update to improve this.

Also, we’ve added a Population tab to the Data Tool in the H.E.L.O. so that it will be easier for your students to track the overall population of species in their biodome.


Some additional H.E.L.O. improvements:

  • Added additional buttons to open the Biodex to research or purchase species.
  • Made it so you can see the notifications number while the Add Life HUD is open.
  • Gave pollinators larger territories to improve their ability to find nectar.


Login Screen

You can now click to open the eye and see your password while you type.  This was added to reduce the frequency of students entering their passwords incorrectly.


Other Improvements

  • Made notification feedback last longer to ensure students have sufficient time to read them.
  • Improved Chromebook mouse functionality and added two-finger scrolling.
  • Fixed the Map tutorial being interrupted by Assigned Quest popups.
  • Fixed mini-map displaying the incorrect level while in Student District.
  • Fixed bug in Drakon Pedigree window always displaying Head Ridge genotype.
  • Improved gameplay balance for the cost of unlocking new technologies in the Weather & Climate Sandbox (the O.R.B.).
  • Improvements to various tutorials.
  • Miscellaneous additional user experience adjustments.

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