This update is starting at 7 PM ET, so expect to see the changes Saturday, July 2nd, and onward!

Student Dashboard + Loading Improvements

The student dashboard has been totally revamped with access to resources, and most importantly: should save 1-2 minutes of load time to get students into learning activities faster! 🙌

To get students to where they need to be more quickly, we have moved the class-selection process from the game to the learning dashboard and programmed the game to send students directly in front of the character that handles their first assignment for the day.

How does this work?

Students can log in at to access the dashboard, and play the game by clicking on a class. This student dashboard is not only faster to load than the in-game class selection screen, but it also shows the student whether they have pending assignments for each class. (* Note: sandbox unlocks are not displayed in the dashboard.)

If you have been telling your students to directly go to, you don’t have to ask them to switch to log in through instead. They will see the same in-game class selection as before if they have multiple classes, or it will be automatically skipped if they only have one class. They will still go directly to the character that gives them their first assignment, too!

Storyline Assignment Out of Order Bug Fix

We have fixed the bug that sometimes assignments of a storyline would appear out of order in the Calendar if they are on the same day.

Better Feedback & Public Roadmap

We have adopted a bug report and feature request system called Canny. You can now submit requests, see what’s on our roadmap, and vote for bug fixes or feature requests. When your request is responded to or worked on, the system will email you updates!

Of course, live chat is still available for support. This is just a much better way to communicate our upcoming improvements to the community!

We have been working on more loading and performance improvements that will be released for fall, so keep an eye out for all the awesome improvements pending!

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