Assignment Calendar

We’re excited to introduce a brand-new Calendar page as an easier way to keep track of your assignments that have not yet been completed by students. View it in the Teacher Dashboard.

Visual Organization

  • Each assignment will show up as a tag on the calendar, visualizing the order, type, and frequency of your assignments
  • You can filter the assignments by either assignee or the assignment type

Access to Information

  • By clicking on a tag, you can view information about the quest and easily access extra materials
  • You can also see all the students who are assigned with the quest on a specific day
  • For Storylines, you can even see the quests not yet assigned in that Storyline and easily click their links to assign them and complete the experience for your students

Easy-to-Make Changes

  • You can make changes to or delete an assignment by selecting a tag and clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the calendar
  • One of our favorite new features is the “Delete Prior Assignments” button that will delete all the quests that are not completed, so you can make sure all your students are on the same quest. This is especially useful if you’ve had a build-up of occasional students who were absent or otherwise haven’t completed the quests, but you want to make sure they’ll all be on the same content assignments going forward!

Want to read the full support documentation on how to use the Calendar? Click here!

Student Account Creation Improvements

Overall, we’ve reconsidered how you create students. Now instead of choosing to make a class or import from Google first, you always make a class and then choose how to add students. You can more flexibly mix and match how to add students in a single class now, too!


New Importing from Google Classroom

Due to changes on some platforms, we can not support “Sign in with Google” as a feature right now.  So we re-designed what importing from Google Classroom looks like, to ensure you have a smooth new process.

Now, when you import students from Google Classroom, the system will generate passwords for them.  They will sign in with their school emails (imported from Classroom), and this password.  Students will be emailed a copy, or you can provide it to them if they cannot receive outside emails.


To read more about these changes, click here.

To read the full support article about how to import with Google Classroom now, click here.

Friendlier Class Codes

As a last note, we made our class codes more student-friendly. Before they were long strings like, “43bdc229de” to register for a class. Now they are a word, hyphen, and a few alphanumerics. For example, “Tiger-TKL” might be a new class code. We hope this is easier to share and more enjoyable for your students!

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