As an educator turned Founder & CEO of an ed-tech startup, the idea of doing sales and then starting to hire salespeople one day was…. let’s just say not my favorite part of the job. But as I started selling Tyto Online, I realized it just boiled down to connecting with people, figuring out where their challenges were and if we could help them. And that’s something I love doing!

But my time is limited, and it was time to bring someone on who could help us start scaling beyond “Founder Sales” or as I call it, “nerding out about our science pedagogy” with a Curriculum Director, so we can reach more people and expand our impact. It was important to find someone who would have a similar empathy with educators, and so I was thrilled when I talked with David and discovered that… paired with experience and a readiness to iterate and grow with us.

So that said, as an introduction, I did a short interview with David to share with our community!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

For the last ten plus years I have managed and developed winning sales teams in education software. I am process driven and have been successful in administering a focused sales strategy with an emphasis on driving sales performance. I enjoy the client facing aspect of outside sales and have remained hands-on as a sales leader. I believe in promoting a collaborative working environment with a common vision of creating lifelong learners. I have been fortunate enough to promote some fantastic solutions to schools and have helped several companies go from start-up to industry leaders.

What was appealing to you about joining Immersed Games?

There has never been a better time to work in Ed-Tech. Immersed Games is building a great reputation and developed a game that can revolutionize the way children learn. The opportunity to join a growing company with unlimited potential is where I wanted to take my career. Immersed Games offers plenty of variety, the ability to solve puzzles and a career that has a real impact. The opportunity to join a great company like this does not come often and I jumped at the chance to be a part of something this special.

What’s something surprising so far about your first week with the company?

Looking at feedback from customers, the impact that the game has had on their students and the growth reflected in their state test scores is incredible!

What were your first impressions when playing the game?

The game is very intuitive and grabs the player immediately, allowing the individual to connect and grow. Carol Dweck, author of: Mindset: New Psychology of Success, pioneered the idea that individuals who see themselves as evolving through hard work and dedication will grow their abilities, while those who see their talents as fixed traits will not. She called this the growth mindset paradigm. Tyto Online reinforces the growth mindset.

What’s on your plate for the next 30 days?

Joining a new company I look to learn, understand and build on my knowledge. My goal in the first 30 days is to grasp as much as possible of the company culture, strategy, goals, and people. Familiarize myself with Immersed Games and understand my role within the existing structure. Integrate myself within the company and understand what is expected of me as a Sales Manager.

Once I feel sufficiently informed about the company’s strategy, ethics, product, and goals, move on to the planning phase. I like to take inspiration from the company’s past successes and failures, and how I, as the new Sales Manager, can optimize the process and utilize/change the existing model to better fit the needs of the company and the schools that we are serving.

David Sullivan graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and later attended McGeorge School of Law, University of Pacific. He has been in sales for the past 20 years and is joining Immersed Games as the Director of Sales. Prior to working with Immersed Games, David worked for Reading Plus as their Vice President of Sales. David and his wife Rusti live in California, with their three children and many pets. When David is not working he enjoys outdoor activities with his family and coaching/attending his kids many sporting events.

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