We’re really excited to announce the new module we’re adding to Tyto Online — Heredity!

This is the next big step in our ambition to incorporate many different subjects in Tyto Online. So what will players be able to do in this new module?

One of the things we’re adding is a new story element: the drakons need players’ help in order to survive! After living on the terraformed moon Halcyon, an unexpected disease left many drakons sterile and unable to reproduce. So it’s up to the players to breed drakons on Ovo and add more diversity into the drakon population so they can return to Halcyon.

With the brand new quests we’re adding, players will experience many different concepts involving heredity and genetics, starting with the basics all the way through to lethal alleles and incomplete dominance and codominance. They’ll learn how to incubate and hatch a drakon egg; Yosef is back with even more problems: his timpita plants aren’t turning pink as he expected them to! And how did a baby Yawp end up in a Chogwig litter?

Players will be able to trade and cross-breed with other player’s drakons, learn how environmental and genetic factors affect the growth of animals and plants, and construct Punnett squares for their quests to predict the outcomes of their drakon breeding. As players level up, they’ll unlock progressively complex types of genes for drakon breeding, from varying horn and wing types to color schemes and even some secret mutations.                                        

All this may sound like quite a bit, and for us, that’s a good thing. The more we progress and continue adding new modules, the more players will be able to experience and choose what kind of scientist they want to be at Tyto Academy.

With the new Heredity module, anyone — children and adults — can interact with these concepts in an immersive way, and never feel like they’re going through a textbook. All part of maintaining an alien planet!

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