Traveling is off the table for most of us right now, unfortunately. For anyone suffering from cabin fever, this is an activity for you! All you need is Google!

Your goal is to go sight-seeing all around the world. This activity takes advantage of Google’s Street View feature, available for many parts of the world. For each scavenger hunt item, think of a place in the world where you think you will be likely to find it. (For instance, you probably won’t see any rain if you go looking in a desert area.) For this example, I’m going to search for a double-decker bus in London, England.

You’ll want to look for this orange Person icon in the corner.

Once you’ve traveled to your target location, click and hold onto the yellow person icon. It will “dangle” wherever you drag it until you let it go. At this point, you should see some of the streets in the area turn blue. If you do not see any blue streets, Street View isn’t available for the area you’ve chosen.

Any street that turns blue is available for Street View.

Drop the Person icon on any valid location to go hunting for your scavenger hunt item. When you find your item, take a screenshot (here’s how to do that on Mac, PC, and Chromebook) and the approximate address of where you found it. For added fun (or a bit of competition!) time yourself to see how long it takes you to find all of the items on the list!

I lucked out and spotted a double-decker bus right away!

Here’s a list of things to find for your international scavenger hunt. If you run out of items to find, make up your own!

  • Rain
  • Palm Tree
  • Snow
  • Boat
  • Double-Decker Bus
  • Person riding a bicycle
  • Umbrella
  • Mountain
  • Swimming Pool
  • Unpaved Road
  • Interesting Mailbox
  • Mossy Rocks
  • Volcano
  • Flowers
  • Dog
  • Animal that isn’t a dog
  • Scooter/Motorcycle
  • Parking Meter
  • Bike Rack
  • Graveyard
  • Wrought-iron Fence
  • Bridge
  • Colorful Building

Happy hunting!

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