Play Tyto Online in browser

or install from Google Play

(All Platforms)

Our installed app for Windows and for Mac have been retired, and we are working towards retiring the Google Play app as well.

You can now play Tyto Online right in your Chrome browser. We launched our HTML5 version in January 2021 that is a big step-up of the previous version. To access the game, log into your Dashboard and select “Play the Game” from the left sidebar or welcome page.

If you have any questions, use the chat on the bottom right for support.


For Chromebooks, we offer Tyto Online as an Android application, which will work on most devices that run Chrome OS version 53 or later.

If your devices are managed by your school, you likely need to ask an administrator to give permissions for installation — here’s our Knowledgebase article on how.

Unblock the Internet

If you are on school internet, they may have blocked games or new products. If the game is not connecting, ask your IT department to make sure the following URLs are whitelisted:

  • * (i.e. and its subdomains)

The web game only uses these two ports: 80, 443.


Also, some web filter software such as Lightspeed may identify the game communication as P2P and block it. If this happens, please reach out to us for solutions.

See the full Knowledgebase IT guides.