We're looking for innovators.

We're a young product, so we're looking for expert educators interested in being more hands-on with their feedback to help us build out a set of lesson plans, recommendations, and best practices.

What will we ask from you? Share the best practices you discover, your favorite lesson plans using Tyto Online, and give us regular feedback.

What you'll get from us.

Now accepting participants in the Innovator's Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Significant Discount

Save 50% off the normal price of Tyto Online to be only $5 per student (normally $10).

In-Person or Virtual Visit from Developers

We're happy to chat with your students! If we have a few schools near each other, we can come in person, or we can do a virtual visit to let your students give us feedback directly and answer questions about developing a video game.

This is an awesome opportunity for extra PD, but also for your students to learn about STEM careers and even to engage with parents about this new initiative if your school is interested.